Pre-Qualifying shouldn’t be a drag

Let us Automate your Pre-Qualification Statements

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Pre-Qualifying shouldn’t be a drag

Let us Automate your Pre-Qualification Statements

Win more. Earn more.

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Prepare & Submit

Are you a General Contractor, Sub Contractor or Tradesman?
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Build your profile
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Generate as many qualification statements
as you need
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Get references to back your
great execution record
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Keep your projects and personnel information up to date
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Review & Evaluate

Are you a General Contractor looking for Sub Contractors or Tradesmen?
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Choose the right contractors
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Evaluate qualification statements quickly and accurately
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No need to call up every
reference to validate execution
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Reduce the time to market for new contracts
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What We Offer

Use PledgXQualify to build your profile and use it to create your pre-qualification statements in minutes.
Use our PledgXeCQS or select formats to qualify for jobs quickly and efficiently.
You can also use PledgXQualify to get references from Project Owners and Consultants at any time to back-up your credentials.

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Our Features

We automate the way you qualify. Create statements with ease, store your documents, and make references simple. Showcase your talent through positive reviews, transforming the way you bid.

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Electronic Contractor's Qualifications Showcase (eCQS) in multiple formats

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List and categorize your personnel to showcase your best talent

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Upload past projects and relevant work to prove your skill, adding them to statements in just a few clicks

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Request reference on past work once and keep a record of all references for others to see (with your permission)

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Keep an updated profile with your projects, personnel, safety records & financial reference to prefill statements in seconds

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Upload and keep all your documents and certificates in a secure repository to use as attachments to your CQS when needed

Less Time
in preparing Contractor's Qualifications Statement
Less Effort
in gathering all the information and documents for a submission
Less Annually
saving $4K on average in costs per submission
With PledgXQualify Contractors spend...

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