Meet PledgX

We help construction companies save time, money, and resources with our cloud-based pre-qualification software.

We don’t just pre-qualify contractors, but facilitates contractors to keep their stakeholders up to date with their resources, capabilities and work in progress, including performance reviews from owners of completed projects.

We believe that sustainable contracting partnerships are built by promoting reliable information exchange between project owners and contractors.

We also believe that other stakeholders, such as financial service providers, trust contractors who allow them to get insights about their performance from of this information exchange, much more than those that don’t share such information.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to empower contractors to win the jobs they can do and access the financial support they need, regardless of their size. Our vision is to be the leading provider of AI-driven insights for performance risk assessment in the construction industry.

Our Founders

A headshot photo of Satya Vettekat
Satya Vattekat
A headshot photo of Jimmy Chan
Jimmy Chan
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Ben Arber

We started PledgX in 2020 bringing over 80 years of combined experience in construction finance and data science. We saw how inefficient and frustrating it was to use multiple forms and systems to share information amongst stakeholders including Surety Agents, Underwriters and Lenders in the construction industry. We wanted to create a simple and powerful software that would streamline the entire process and make it easier for everyone involved.

Why Use PledgX

We have designed our software with the user in mind, making it intuitive, flexible, and scalable.

We offer features such as:
- Real-time data and analytics - Seamless integration with other tools and platforms - Customizable workflows and industry standard templates - Secure cloud storage and backup - 24/7 customer support and training.

We have helped financial service providers support construction companies across the globe more cost-effectively.

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