Frequently asked questions

As a Contractor, why should I use PledgXQualify?
PledgXQualify assists you to build a profile that you can use to generate your Qualification Statements. Once you build your profile, you can reuse the data to create a Qualification Statement each time you have to pre-qualify for a project (i.e. submit a response to a Request for Pre-Qualification), with minimal efforts. You can change if you need to, else you can simply review and generate a Qualification Statement.
What if I don’t need to Pre-Qualify for Projects?
Even if you don’t have to pre-qualify for projects, you may have to provide details of your past performance and capabilities on most bid submissions (for example, Request for Proposals). You can use PledgXQualify to generate this information either in one of the supported formats and submit with your proposal.
What is my cost?
Please see the Pricing page link in the navigation bar to select a plan based on your requirements.
Where is my data kept? Who else can see it?
Your data is safe with us. We use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to host your data. GCP uses a secure-by-design infrastructure with 6 layers of Security. We do not let anyone see your data, except for those you permit (such as a specific Buyer or Bonding Company). We seek your permission each time you want us to share your profile with anyone.
As a Buyer, why should I use PledgXQualify?
As a Buyer, PledgXQualify can provide you Qualification Statements in data format (using open APIs) to analyze submissions under a Request for Pre-Qualification.

Further, PledgXQualify can provide you with the insights you need to select the right Contractor(s) a project and keep track of a contractor's performance on the job.

What CQS formats can PledgXQualify support?
PledgXQualify currently supports the electronic Contractor's Qualification Showcase format and other formats as outputs. Soon, other industry-standard formats, such as ConsensusDocs 221, EJCDC C-451, etc., will also be supported by PledgXQualify.